2017 Postseason Awards

Congrats to the Boys Soccer Program for being awarded the 2017 IHSSCA Myro Rys Sportsmanship Award. Click the links below for all the Postseason awards. More to come as some publications have not released or posted their awards yet.

Freshman Tyler Collico scored three goals as the University of Missouri-St. Louis men's soccer team posted a 4-1 victory over Lake Erie. Click the headline to follow Tyler's freshman season at UMSL.

Senior goaltender Joe Guitthes was named O'Fallon Progress Athlete of the Week for the week of September 9th.

08/22MarionAwayW 2-15PM
08/23HighlandAwayW 5-05PM
08/25Belleville WestAwayT 1-15PM
08/26ColumbiaAwayL 1-0 (PKs)10AM
08/26Waterloo GibaultAwayL 1-0 (PKs)5PM
08/29TriadHomeW 4-25PM
08/31EdwardsvilleAwayL 2-15PM
09/02AlthoffHomeW 4-05PM
09/05CollinsvilleHomeL 3-15PM
09/07AltonAwayW 3-05PM
09/12Belleville EastHomeW 2-05PM
09/19VianneyCYCL 1-06:45PM
09/20KirkwoodCYCL 2-16PM
09/21Webster GrovesCYCT 1-17:45PM
09/26Belleville WestHomeL 2-05PM
09/28Chatham-GlenwoodHomeT 1-15PM
10/03SLUHAwayL 2-05:30PM
10/05Waterloo GibaultHomeT 1-15PM
10/06St. JamesDeSmetW 3-04:30PM
10/09HighlandAwayW 5-05PM
10/12Granite City AwayW 2-05PM
10/17Belleville WestEdwardsville (Regionals)L 3-26PM
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8/17/2017 8:48:01 PM